Sunday, October 11, 2009


I had a friend request a blog about the grocery store. I'm sure you may be curious to know what the stores are like here and what is the weekly shopping experience for us. So, we took the camera to give you an inside peak. Sadly, upon enetering they told us we weren't allowed to take pictures, but we got away with a few. Also you can click on the pictures and zoom in if you want to see things better.

The store where we buy almost all of our groceries is called Pali. You can see the sign in the above picture. We usually go once a week and right after church because it's right down the road.

Pali doesn't have a/c and they don't spend money on presentation but just put most of the products on the shelf in the boxes or bags they were shipped in. They do this in order to get the best price for the customer, and they do have great prices compared to other stores.

Here I am with a bag of rice in my arms. We eat rice with almost every meal. It's a staple here along with beans.

As I'm rounding the corner you can see that they sell whole cooked chickens and they have a meat and deli counter too. Not too bad, right?

Here is another view and if you look off to the left you can see that they even sell underwear, baby clothes, and household goods. Walmart actually has a share in the Pali stores and you can even find Great Value Walmart products here.

I wish I could have put up a few more pictures, but at least this is a little insight into our routine Sunday grocery shopping experience.

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  1. Thank you! I love seeing how similar our stores are! I'll think about you know everytime I'm in Walmart~ I'll close my eyes and think that I'm in Pali =)

    Great post! Thanks again~