Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dad's Visit

So my dad visited Nicaragua. Here are some pictures from the trip! I want to explain more about Jader and I's story but don't have the time because my battery is low and I don't have my cable! I will get back to you with more soon and I hope you enjoy the photots!

Yes, I am still alive!

I don't think I have posted since I was in Costa Rica. Life has been rather busy. Upon returning from Costa Rica we had a Word of Life Nicaragua Leadership Retreat and then after that my dad came to visit me in Nicaragua with the purpose of getting to know Jader. If you didn't know Jader is my boyfriend. :)

Anyways, I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do as far as blogging goes! I have some more pictures from Costa Rica, some from the leadership retreat, and also some from my dad's trip to Nicaragua. I like to share pictures because it seems to make the trip come alive to those who aren't here experiencing it firsthand.

Here are some pictures of scenery from Costa Rica:

Isn't it beautiful! Here are some more photos from Costa Rica, but these are taken from a property called Camp Brittany. It's named after a girl who died in Costa Rica and had dreams of seeing a camp built with the purpose of ministering to kids. People have donated money and now they are beginning to use this camp. They are just finishing up two weeks of camp in Costa Rica.

So, that's the rest of my Costa Rica photos. It was a wonderful trip!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Costa Rica update

I've been in Costa Rica 6 days now and it's wonderful. This is one of those important steps for me to take in order to know Word of Life better and familiarize myself with people who are partnering with the ministry that takes place in Nicaragua.

I've gotten to know the Aguilar's extended family, which is large because these are latinos we're talking about! :) Also, I've been staying in the house of some friends of theirs who attend their home church. I can walk to the church in two minutes! I've done activities with the church and spent time getting to know people.

Also, the daughter of the family I'm staying with teaches young children who are blind. I went to work with her today and it was an amazing experience. Ana is incredibly gifted in this area of work and was sharing the Word with the children's mothers. What a beautiful ministry!

I'll be here until Monday and then it will be back to Nicaraguan life. It's been nice to visit Costa Rica but my heart is in Nicaragua and that's not just because Jader is there! :) I miss the Nicaraguans, their culture, the way they speak Spanish, and the specific youth that I've been able to know and work with. I'm thankful to be able to step back and see desires that God has formed in my heart.

I definitely have some specific prayer requests!

1) First Word of Life Bible Club Leadership Retreat in Nicaragua-July 10-12- There are over 30 leaders. Pray for provision for them to be able to pay the camp fee and that all can come. Pray for spiritual growth to take place during this retreat.

2) My dad is coming to meet Jader!!! Pray that this would go smoothly. Jader knows some English (not much) and I will serve as translator too. :)

3) Jader and I go to Mexico WOL camp-July 19-Aug.3-I'll meet the director of Mexico/Central American missions for WOL and Jader and I will be serving for two weeks of WOL camp during that time as well.

4) Pray for discipleship-I had my first discipleship with a girl named Ana last week. She was confused about salvation. She thought you can lose it by sinning and earn it by being good. She was living in fear of messing up and losing communication with God. We talked about some verses and she learned about what the Bible says about salvation and eternal life and where our righteousness rests on Jesus. She was relieved by this truth and we prayed together to receive this gift of eternal life that never can be lost. Pray for us to be teaching the Word every opportunity and waking moment we have. There is GREAT need for it.

Thanks for your prayers and for keeping in touch!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I've been in Costa Rica for a few days now and it's a beautiful country. I have a little slideshow here of random pictures I took just so you can have an idea of what it's like.

I've been staying with an amazing family and have had the opportunity to know several people who partner with Word of Life Nicaragua. The Aguilars have an amazing home church here in Costa Rica and I've been participating in events with the church and meeting lots of neat people.