Friday, December 16, 2011


Children's Camp is right around the corner.  It begins this Tuesday and will last through Friday. We trust that God will do great things in these kids hearts!  This week we've been getting things ready for camp.  We've had youth over at the house working on decorations and more!  Here are some pictures of them at work. 

Last year's youth camp theme was Transformers and we are using that theme for this year's children's camp, thus the big transformer that they are working on...

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Teens Involved 2011

This past Saturday we hosted the third annual Teens Involved here in Nicaragua.  Teens Involved is a full day, from 8am to 9pm of craziness, but the good kind!  We had youth participate in the various categories of singing in choir and solo, individual and group presentations of the gospel,  preaching, narration of bible stories, and Bible quizzing.  There were judges who evaluated the presentations and at the end of the day an awards presentation.  A local private school lent us their facilities and in 15 classrooms and the main auditorium there were presentations taking place from 8 to 4.  Youth who participated in many categories would finish their preaching and quickly throw off their dress shirt and tie and begin to put on their dress for Bible narration running to the appropriate classroom while accompanied by their friends who were supporting them on.  This is one of my favorite activities because youth discover gifts and talents they didn't know that they had and they can continue to use these presentations to minister inside and outside the church.  Here are some pictures and a video from the activity.  I'll be posting more pictures soon!