Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Teachers and traveling

We're excited because this Friday we will be having our first retreat for teachers. We've had many school retreats for jr. high and high school kids and have been able to form solid relationships with a few schools here in Managua. One of the schools that we have worked with a lot asked for a retreat solely for the teachers. I was a teacher for awhile and I would have loved to hear my principal say, "Don't teach class on Friday. Instead go get refreshed by God's word at a retreat. :) So, that's the plan for this upcoming Friday. We'll be at a camp property and start early morning and go until around 3:00. We'll be cooking burgers for their lunch and organizing a few games for them, along with teachings that will help them to grow spiritually. Pray that those who don't know Jesus that would come to know Him and also for them to effectively minister to their students as a result of the retreat.

On Saturday Jader and I will be making another trip to Santo Tomas. We will be visiting a Bible Club there and checking in with the leaders. It's about three hours outside of Managua. We'll be staying the night Saturday night and then returning in the evening on Sunday. Jader will be giving the two Sunday messages and the leader traning as well. Please pray that this time would be an encouragment and blessing to the youth and the church as a whole.

I'll bring my camera and post the pictures once we get back!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Medical Team

We had a very successful week with our medical team. We were able to work at two different sites. One site was a church where we have a Bible Club and we were there for three days, and then the other site is a daughter church of our home church, Calvary Baptist.

We had a dentist, a doctor of internal medicine, and another that served as our pediatrician. We also had a group of Nicaraguan youth who were sharing the gospel to all the patients one on one before they received medical services.

I translated for the internal medicine doctor and was able to learn a lot of medical information, and it was also neat to see how he would pray with the patients or share Jesus with them as he discerned their needs.

Both of the churches that hosted the clinic were incredibly encouraged through the ministry of the gospel and the way we were able to tend to peoples pysical needs as well.

Praise God for the work that He did, for the strength that He gave us, and for the generosity of the team that came and gave so much of themselves and their resources for the Nicaraguan people.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Super Match 2009

A week ago we had an activity called Super Match which was held in a big gym here in Managua and over 550 people attended. We had competitive games between our 7 Bible Clubs and the winning team brought home the trophy. As you can see in the photos the youth really got into the activity! Also, midway through the activity Guillermo shared the gospel, and then youth were able to share one on one with people they invited. I have several photos of Bible Club leaders and youth sharing Jesus with their friends. Check out these photos! :)

Also, yesterday evening we received a group of 10 people from Georgia and Pennsylvania. We'll be hosting a medical clinic with them here in Managua this week. Please be praying for this time. Thanks!