Sunday, January 17, 2010

Week 1 in Review

I can't believe that 1/3 of our camp season is already over. This past week flew by! I think it went by so fast because we were so busy. Praise God that everything went smoothly and many campers decided to make big life decisions. 25 accepted Christ as their Savior and 60 consecrated their lives to Christ. Here are some photos from camp so you can see a little bit of what it was like. This upcoming week we have more campers than beds so some will be sleeping on mattresses on the floor. We're going to have 94 campers and 54 on the camp staff.

Thank you for your prayers and we ask for your continued prayers for this upcoming week.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Camp at it's best!

We currently have a team of 7 from Mexico and 1 American here visiting with us. They came to help out with our camp season. They'll be here until the end of January and the group from Mexico traveled by land. It's beautiful to see their sacrifices and efforts because it's born out of their love for God and desire for others to know Him. We are so thankful to have their help.

We are working full time on camp preparations from morning to night, but of course it's work and play too. :) We're getting all the decorations together, the materials for the games, and each night of camp there are special presentations so we are practicing dramas, working on a musical presentation with a focus on the rapture, and also an interactive comedy game show.

The first week of camp starts on Monday the 11th and we'll have three weeks in all. Bible Club leaders and spending their free time visiting different youths homes and inviting them to camp, getting permission from parents, etc. Many of them will be working on the camp staff as well for all three weeks of camp.

We're excited and trust that God has great things in store. Our desire is that many youth who are lost would learn about Christ, His love for them, and accept Him as their Savior. Please keep this in your prayers for this month of January.