Friday, June 3, 2011

Annual Family Picnic

A recent ministry event that we put on was the Family Picnic.  The churches that we work with are encouraged to invite as many family members, coworkers, friends, and neighbors as they can to participate in a day of fun competition.  Halfway through the activity we share the gospel desiring for those who attend who have never understood the forgiveness we have in Christ to hear the message and accept Him.  We had a great turnout despite heavy rains in the morning.  We enjoyed the beautiful day in this lush green park and give thanks to God for His grace and strength that allowed us to put this activity on.  

Valerie is running excitedly towards Caroline to greet her. (on the right)

Caroline's new thing is to stick her tongue out.

The church Elim was the winner for this year's picnic.

WOL Regional Retreat Honduras

Word of Life is an international ministry and it's broken up into regions.  We are in the Mexico/Central America region.  Every three years there is a retreat for Central American WOL missionaries and their interns.  May 23rd-27th we went to the 2011 retreat that was held in Honduras.

We had a wonderful time visiting with missionary friends who we hadn't seen in a long time and were able to meet many missionaries for the first time.  We were encouraged to hear what God is doing throughout Mexico and Central America through the ministry of WOL.

During the retreat there were daily teachings from the Word, reports from every country, traditional foods shared and traditional dances and music from each place represented.  We returned to Nicaragua encouraged to continue the work that God has called us to... to reach the Nicaraguan youth with the gospel of Christ.

Here is our WOL Nicaragua Team
Alvaro and Niki presented the traditional Nicaraguan dress

Leo Digilio is the Director of our region

Hector Romero is the Director of Honduras

Rachel Aaron, I'm wearing your t-shirt.  Can you find me? :)

This is a colonial city near the camp property

Here is the beautiful cathedral.

It got pretty chilly in Honduras.  Caroline's first time to wear a sweater.