Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fall Fever!

My internal american calendar says "Yea, it's Fall!" I'm ready for the change in temperature, the leaves falling from the trees, the festive decore and yummy foods, the warmth that you feel in the home during the Fall season, yet Fall doesn't exist here. It's an odd feeling to be in October but experience none of the above, except that we do have warmth in the home. It gets up 95 degrees and humid. :)

I feel Fall driven. Jader likes a squash that you can get here in the grocery store. It's kinda like a butternut squash I guess. I just made creamed squash soup and I separated the seeds and am now toasting them just like pumpkin seeds. Now it beginning to be like Fall. I'm pondering the idea of making a pumpkin pie but they don't sell the pumpkin in a can and I don't know where to find a pumpkin. I think this squash would work though. If I get adventurous and test out the "squash pie" I'll definitely let you know how it goes!

I'm always learning that being a missionary involves being fully with the people. Instead of creating my own bubble of Fall, which really won't ever be the real deal, I can enjoy the Nicaraguan October. This means I can enjoy the last part of the rainly season. We haven't had much rain, but after October we won't have it for 6 months. So, the rain is great! Also, I get to enjoy the tropical fruits like papaya, calala, pineapple and the list goes on! Nothing beats the Nicaraguan cheese! They've got quesillo, fresh cheese, a dry cheese, and something amazing called cuajada! What great blessings are to be found in Nicaragua in October. :)

I'll still may make my squash pie and happily eat my roasted seeds yet I'm going to let my Fall fever calm down and enjoy this Nicaraguan October that God has given me.


  1. I think I would love a Nicaraguan October right now!!! So jealous~

  2. I told Sherman about this post and we both agreed: Praise the Lord! It's an encouragement for us to be content where *we* are! That's something we've been praying about- Lord, where do you want us? Right now, He's saying, "Right where you are!"

    Thanks, Julie!