Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How life is different

Life is different here in Nicaragua in many different aspects. Here are a few:

-Fruit falls from the sky
Well not exactly, but we have a mango tree outside our house and it has a ton of mangos! They fall all the time. The first time I heard a mango fall on our roof I thought it was a gun shot. (We live next to the guard's quarters of a big house and the guards walk around with big guns proctecting the property.) I thought a gun went off and looked at Jader. He said, that's just a mango! :) We laughed! We also have a papaya tree that grows delicious papayas!
-Our clothes hang outside
Almost no one in Nicaragua has a dryer or a washer, but we were able to buy a washer through a friend. Thankgoodness! So, after washing the clothes I put them out to dry on the wire clothes line that hangs outside our apartment. There is a certain way to hang the clothes. Jader and I have had many laughs as he sees my hanging job and shows me the Nica way to hang the clothes. I think I've got it now!
-I cook on a gas stove
I guess many people in the U.S. use gas stoves, but this was something new for me. We have a little tank connected to the stove and whenever the gas runs out we go to a place nearby and they give us a new tank. I personally like the gas stove because I feel like it heats up faster and is easier to control the ammount of heat I want to use.
-Watch out for melting
It gets pretty hot here and about 1% of all people have a/c. It may even be less. I had chocolate sitting out and it melts due to the heat. It's been getting up to 99 degrees here during the middle of the day. We don't have a hot water tap here in the house, only a cold water one, but during these times of heat the water comes out hot. It's weird!!!
-Trips to the market
Every Monday Jader and I do our grocery shopping for the upcoming week. We go to an outside market where it's dusty and there are lots of people. They have baskets full of fresh produce right off their farms. We buy veggies and a variety of fruits. (often pineapple, which is very abundant here) I love interacting with the people and seeing what their lives are like. The market place it great!
-No rain to be seen
It's hasn't rained here for at least four months, maybe longer. We're in the dry season and there is lots of dust! Sweeping is a daily part of life here. Most people mop almost daily too, but I haven't gone that far yet! I think I'm becoming quite a fast sweeper with all the good practice!

This is part of our daily life here. God has placed us here with a purpose and I love the idea of living with the Nicaraguan people (I literally do live with one of them) :) and getting a feel for what they experience.

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