Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Some pictures!

Well, I have uploaded some new photos. If you want to see them just go to "Photo Albums" on the right and click on "First Days in Nicaragua." It will take you to a picasa sight and then click on slideshow to see them as a slideshow. I'm sure there's a better way to do this but it's what I've got for now! If there's a better way please reply and let me know. I think you can embed slideshows. Actually, I'm going to try that right now and see how it goes!

First days in Nicaragua

I hope it comes out okay! Hope you enjoy!


  1. ah wonderful pictures! Ruth looks like a fun lady!

    Its great to see you and Jader together!! Thank you for posting those!

  2. We are sending prayers your way!! Keep the updates coming!!

    The Birkenfelds

  3. Gracias Julie!
    Estamos alegro a ser padres!! Si, Adam dijo a Loren y Karen. Que divertido que oiste nuestra noticias de Joder. Espero que todo vaya bien contigo. Estamos listos estar en Nicaragua pronto!!

  4. Julie thanks for updating me on your amazing adventures. How exciting to hear that you are considering staying permanently in Nicaragua. God is so good.

    I wanted to let you know about me too since its been all too long. I just accepted a position as a bilingual ed teacher in Tyler texas. I cannot wait for the experience and to get to love on the children. I know that I would never have believed I could do this if it were not for you!

    Keep on sister, keep on. Nicaragua has been a country that I have learned a lot about this year and their history has intrigued me and broken my heart for the hurting families. I am glad God has sent you to bring the good news.
    your long lost friend...