Wednesday, March 9, 2011

20 days

Caroline has had diarrhea for 20 days now!  Thank God she's doing really well and staying hydrated!  We were told that she had a bacterial infection and she was being treated antibiotic after antibiotic and nothing seemed to do the trick. 

Jader was sharing with some youth about Caroline in a church that we work with and someone called over a pediatrician who is a member of the church.  Jader talked with the pediatrician about Caroline's situation and he said he'd like to see her.  So we brought Caroline to his office the next day and he said that based on the bloodwork we showed him she actually had a virus and the antibiotics were causing the diarrhea!  This was very different from what the other doctor was saying.

We decided to follow his treatment for Caroline and get her off the antibiotics and onto medicine that will help restore her little tummy back to health.  He said her diarrhea could keep up for the next week even while being on this new treament.

We thank God for ordering the circumstances so perfectly to where Jader was sharing and it "just so happened" that there was a pediatricion there nearby who offered to help.  :)

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