Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pobrecita/Poor Thing!

Caroline has had diarrhea for 11 days now!  I didn't know that babies could have diarrhea that long and still be functioning well, but she is a trooper!  Based on exam results, the doctor said she has a bacterial infection so she's taking antibiotics.  She hasn't finished the course of the antibiotics yet and we are hoping the medicine will help her get back on track.

Who knows where she got it from...we've been super protective in telling people to not touch her hands because they go right in her mouth and keeping her toys clean, avoiding obviously dirty places, but it looks like the germs snuck in somehow.

In spite of it all she's doing really well.  The doctor said with her lab results any other kid would have a fever and appear tired and weak yet she's been fever free and still enjoys jumping up and down in her toy jumperoo.  She's had about 5 bottles of pedialyte and is staying very hydrated. 

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