Monday, September 6, 2010

Getting ready for Caroline

Caroline's birth is right around the corner!  We've decided to have her here in Managua in a private hospital and God has provided us with a doctor who came recommended by others and seems to really know what she's doing. 

I'm so thankful because it's been an easy pregnancy free of many aches, pains, and symptoms that I read about in my "What to Expect When You're Expecting." book.  That book has been so helpful to me!  I haven't taken any birthing classes because that's not a common thing here, but I do have a book on labor and delivery that has been very helpful and has been a great resource to me also! 

Something that I like about the Nicaraguan culture it that the women and girls all want to touch your pregnant belly.  My belly has been rubbed like a genie lamp by complete strangers.  I even had a couple of women lift up my shirt to look at my belly. :)  I felt like that was going a little too far.  I'm sure Caroline knows the voices of many of the Bible Club girls due to the ammount of time they touch her and talk to her.  She is completely loved and we're all waiting to meet her face to face!

I've had several people ask me if we have her baby room ready and decorated, but we live in a two bedroom apartment and we want to always have a room available for guests.  Romans 12:13 says "Practice hospitality." and there are many other verses like it.  Often people come from out of country to help with ministry and we want to have a place available for them to stay. 

So, for the first few months Caroline will be sleeping in a pack n' play at the foot of our bed and once she starts to sleep longer periods throughout the night we'll move her pack n' play into the guest room.  When guests come she'll be moved to our room when we don't have guests she'll be in the other room.  I think it's good for her to learn even from a very early age the value of being flexible in order to serve others.

Jader and I are excited because my parents will be visiting this Friday!  We are hoping and praying that Caroline will arrive while they are here.  The doctor said it looks like she should be arriving very soon!


  1. Julie and Jader, I'm so excited for you!! I look forward to hearing about how it goes and seeing pictures. I pray you have a blessed and rested week and a wonderful time with your parents. I also pray the baby comes when your parents are here, but of course, for the Lord's perfect will to be done!

  2. Thank you for posting this. I love you, Julie! :)