Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Recent happenings

I've been disconnected from the blogosphere lately for various reasons. We've had computer problems. Serious problems. The screen doesn't work at all. We found out the solution but the computer part wouldn't get here for another 2 to 3 weeks and by that time we'll be in the U.S. so we bought the part on ebay instead. :) Right now we have the computer hooked up to a large old computer screen that a friend let us use. We're just so glad it's functional!

Yes, I mentioned the U.S. We are excited because in less than a week we'll be in the states. It's been over a year since we've been to the states and we're definitely looking forward to this time! We've been incredibly busy preparing a ministry video, display, prayer card, etc. It's amazing how God provides people in the Body of Christ to fulfill needs. One of our Bible Club leaders is studying graphic design and another leader is studying photography. They have been a big help with putting together these ministry tools that help us communicate what God is doing here in Nicaragua. Also, another leader speaks English really well and knows how to make videos so she's helping with our video which has a narration done in English. It's great because the Nicaraguan youth are taking part in things we bring to the U.S. to share about their country and the spiritual need here. I feel so thankful because God is such a great Provider!

I haven't written much about my pregnancy. It has flown by. I'm right at 21 weeks. Also we found out in a recent ultrasound that it's a girl! We're pretty sure we have the name picked out but are going to wait a little bit before making it public. :)

I haven't had many different cravings or much of an increased appetite. For awhile I was craving potatoes cooked in any form or fashion. We were eating potatoes like crazy! Potatoes were substituting our rice which is a serious thing here in Nicaragua. You don't mess with a Nicaraguan's rice. :) Jader was a great sport about it though. There were times he wanted to serve me by making a special meal and without fail, it had potatoes. I believe my craving for this starchy vegetable has waned though. We're back to rice again. Although, just writing about this makes me want to whip up some mashed potatoes! Hmmm.....I think I might go do that!

I'll be posting again soon about an interesting experience that I had in a public health clinic today. :)

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  1. A girl! Yay! So excited for you~ Will ya'll be coming to Texas?