Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Born Again to a Living Hope

We are excited because tomorrow we'll be presenting Born Again to a Living Hope for the first time here in Nicaragua. It's a theatrical work based on the life of a young married couple from Argentina. They were addicted to drugs, living in desperation, and both diagnosed with AIDS. They went to a Word of Life camp in Argentina where they accepted Christ and their lives were transformed. They began to study in the Word of Life Bible Institute in Argentina, and both died before finishing their studies. Before dying they wrote their life story that turned into this drama, "Born Again to a Living Hope."

We have a group of 15 from Mexico who created and brought the set and wardrobe and they have been training 15 Nicaraguan youth in how to present the drama. The idea is to train the Nicaraguans and leave us with the set and wardrobe to be able to continue presenting this work here in Nicaragua for years to come.

We'll be holding presentations in high schools, universities, churches, and out in the streets. We'll present one week here in Managua and the second week in a nearby region of the country.

Please pray for this work and that the people would be moved by the story and encouraged to put their faith in Christ just as this young couple, Pablo and Adriana did. I'll be posting pictures shortly! :)


  1. Will be praying! This sounds like an awesome drama that the Lord will use for His glory. Talk to you soon I hope.

  2. Okay, now I have seen this drama and I know God IS using it for His Glory! Wow, what an amazing story of the power of God to save mightly. If you get a chance to see this drama or read this book you need to do so. Thanks Jader and Julie for inviting me.

  3. hola, tal vez no nos conozcan, somos Carlos y Viviana Aleman, los autores de Born Again... y aunque tarde, me alegro de las presentaciones que pudieron tener en Nicaragua... bendiciones!!!