Thursday, November 26, 2009

Summer Camp

We are getting excited because camp is just around the corner! Here's our flyer for camp, except the one that we'll be handing out is in Spanish. We'll be hosting three weeks of summer camp in January and the youth are excited. They are inviting everyone they know and looking for ways to raise funds because it's often hard for the youth to be able to pay for the camp. Bible Club leaders have been washing cars, hosting yard sales, cooking meals and selling them after church, and looking for any possible opportunity to help their youth get to camp.

We, as missionaries, are making checklists of all the facets of camp, working on propaganda, sign-up sheets, t-shirts, training for our camp staff, camp theme, camp menu, games, and the list goes on! It's an exciting time and we trust that this camp will be bearing much fruit in the lives of the youth and that many will come to know Christ .

Please be praying for the preparations, for God's provision of funds for campers, and for many lives to be transformed as a result of camp.

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