Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nica Food

I have a great love for Nicaraguan food! I'd like to share with you what we often eat here in Nicaragua. It's one of my favorite meals. It's called gallo pinto. It's basically beans and rice but you cook the beans the old fashioned way and not straight out of the can. Also you add garlic, onion, bell pepper, and some seasoning. Jader and I eat it several times a week. Often for breakfast, but really any time of the day is great.

Also something very Nicaraguan are plantains. They are really big bananas that you fry. If they are ripe they come out really sweet and if they are really green they come out more like a potato.

I also added a picture of one of my favorite things. It's cheese that you cook in a pan. It's called queso ahumado and it's one of the best foods on the planet. We buy it on the street outside our grocery store. They have a huge block of it and they cut off chunks and sell it to you just like that. Most Nicas fry their cheese but I usually put a little Pam and it's enough. I try to be healthy if at all possible.

Jader and I will be looking around for furniture tomorrow. As you can see he's sitting in a folding chair. :) But thankgoodness we have those folding chairs and they are actually quite comfy.

Well, as time goes by I will continue to share with you some of the foods we eat over here in Nicaragua. Yum!!!


  1. That looks pretty good! You were so made to be a Nicaraguan, Julie. I'm not sure I could eat beans for breakfast. I'm so glad to see you fitting exactly where you are supposed to be! We are praying for you guys!