Friday, February 13, 2009

Time has passed!

I can't believe that it's the 13th of February and I'm getting married tommorrow! I have left a big gap on my blog between the time we had camp in Nicaragua and today. I returned to the states a little over a week ago and have been very busy with wedding preparations and enjoying this time here with my family. I have much to tell. Many gaps to fill in regarding all the amazing things God did during our three weeks of camp, more pictures to share, and some to share about the neat blessings I've experienced over the past week or so of wedding prepration. Next time I write I'll be married!!! :) It will probably be post honeymoon and I'll have some wedding photos to share! Anyways, I've had a few people remind me that I haven't written on my blog and I'm encouraged to keep writing. I believe I have some loyal readers out there! :) Thanks for keeping in touch!

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  1. Julie - you are a married woman now! I have been thinking so much of you lately and wish you many blessings as you start a new life together. amy hill (your soda bagging buddy)