Monday, January 5, 2009

The Fun Begins

We've been planning, praying, and preparing for camp for several months now and we have one week until the first day of camp. Actually it feels like camp begins today because we have 9 people who work with Word of Life Mexico that will be arriving today to stay in the Aguilar house with us. We have 16 people total staying in the house for the next week and for every weekend in January. We have a planned food menu for this week and made out a shopping list. It's incredible how much food it takes to feed 16 people. So, camp offically begins in a week but this week it's Camp Aguilar at the Aguilar home.

We've been spending our time lately visiting churches and promoting the three weeks of camp. Many youth have been signing up. Also we've had weekly leadership training for the counselors and camp staff. Jader is in charge of the food for camp and making all the purchases along with leading the kitchen and maintenance crew. I help him with alot of that stuff too. We've been visiting different food and vegetable markets to find the best prices. The supermarkets have extremely high prices compared to what you find in the street markets here. Managua has the biggest market in all of central america called the Oriental. We've made several trips there to find stuff for camp.

Apart from camp preparations we've been looking for an apartment. We've actually found one we like that's near the Aguilars and Loren and Karen who are missionaries with the IMB. The man who rents the apartments is on vacation until the 8th but we have his cell number and hope to get in touch with him soon. There is only one apartment available for the size and price range we are looking for. It's two bedroom and has a large living room area. We have several groups visiting and this year and would like an extra room for guests along with space to put small mattresses if we need to have a house full of guests. :) We would appreciate your prayers for God's guidance in where to live. We don't have a lot of time to look around because camp starts soon and then we leave for the states right after camp to get married!! :)

I'd like to mention a huge blessing that a had mentioned before but it gets even better. Jader and I were able to buy several large applicances and a bed for an incredible price from a young married couple that moved back to the states. Well they left us with not only what we bought but several extra sheets, towels, kitchen knives, plates, silverware, hangers (which are expensive here), waste baskets, lots of clothes that are from nice stores in the U.S. and just my size, along with much more. We are encouraged by seeing God's provision in such a tangible way.

We'll there is much to do as far as cleaning and preparing the house for the people that will arrive today. Thank you for reading and keeping in touch!

Please be praying that the camps are at full capacity and that the price of the camp would not be an obstacle for the Nicaraguan youth. Also pray for God to be working in hearts and lives in a big way and that many would understand that Jesus died on the cross for them and He offers them new and eternal life.


  1. Praise the Lord for all of his provisions Julie! I'm praying for you!