Thursday, December 18, 2008

Much to share

Well, I looked at my last blog entry date and realized that it was over two weeks ago! It's hard to believe that two weeks have passed since I last posted. Time seems to fly by here in Nicaragua!

I've explained in earlier blogs a little of what we do here in Nicaragua. There is a team 6 missionares working with the youth in 5 different local churches. Our annual calendar is full of various kinds of activities but at this time we are focusing on three weeks of youth camp that will be hosted here in January. The youth are excited and are inviting friends. Our goal is to have 300 campers total and we have a work crew of around 40. We're working on the camp theme, programs, games, food, decorations, and so much more. It's a lot to do for 6 people but many of the youth are sacrificing time and energy to help out.

Word of Life started up here in Nicaragua just about a year ago and we will be having a banquet tomorrow to celebrate all the God has done in the past year. We will have around 50 people dining at the Aguilar household. We're excited but there is much preparation to do! I'll be baking 4 pound cakes today! :)

Also, I have great news. Jader and I had decided a few months ago to designate a certain ammount of money in order to purchase a car. We have been traveling by bus and taxi but unfortunately you waste a lot of time waiting for the bus, etc. We began to pray and ask God to lead us in this process. I will have to make this very long car story short, but we were able to buy the car and picked it up yesterday. It's wonderful! Jader actually is using it now to run errands and I think he will get them done in at least half the ammount of time it would take him by bus. God is good. Also we got the car for a much better price than we were expecting!

I wish I had more time to write but I need to go and help prepare for the banquet we're having. Thanks for reading and keeping up with stuff here in Nicaragua!

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