Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A week of outreach

So this past week we had a team of Americans come and we had many different ministry opportunities throughout the week. We had three different outreaches to schools, a ministry time at an orphanage, another at a women's hospital working with cancer patients, street evangelism, and also a sports marathon that involved 22 youth soccer teams. Everywhere we went we saw such openess to the gospel. We shared with around 1,300 people. I have posted a few photos so that you can see visually some of the ministry that we did.

In response to our ministry we had principals ask us to do more ministry with their students. We will be having three day retreats for high school graduates. There was such a sense of God opening doors, ordering events and expanding the ministry of Word of Life Nicaragua here. There is much work to do!

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  1. Go Julie Go! I'm so psyched to see God using you to spread his love! We're so very proud of you hear at Neal. I walk by your old classroom often and think of you. Just know Neal is thinking of you!